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Product Release Alert - December, 2017

Attention all Casino and Gaming Customers!

1099 Pro would like to make sure you are all set, now that it is almost January, 2018! <P> To Print Forms W-2G showing Tax Year "2018":<BR> <P> Corporate Suite Customers need to have run the latest update (2017.12.18) to add the Year 2018 in your Tax Year drop down menu. <P> 1099 Pro Enterprise, 1099 Pro Professional, and 1042-S Pro customers should follow these instructions: <p> First, you'll want to create a brand new Filer in the 1099 Pro software.<LI>Click on FILE in the upper left corner, then select FILERS LIST. <BR> <LI>Click the ADD button at bottom to enter your Filer information exactly as it should appear on the forms. </ol> <P> IMPORTANT: Enter "2018" in the Location Code field and make the Payer Code "2018." <P> THIS FIRST STEP IS CRITICAL IN ORDER TO KEEP YOUR 2018 TAX FORMS SEPARATE FROM YOUR 2017 TAX FORMS!! <P> Then, when you begin adding TY 2018 forms, be sure to select your new filer with the Location Code & Payer Code of 2018.<BR> Enter all 2018 winnings to your new 2018 Filer and they will show "2018" when printed as long as the Box 2 DATE WON is in 2018. <P> Important note: <BR><UL> <LI>Now your 2017 software has both 2017 & 2018 forms in it! <BR> <LI>When filing with the IRS or any states, be sure that you do not file forms from your new 2018 filer. <BR> <LI>Once next year's software is released, just create an export file in 1099 Pro 2017 which contains all of your 2018 W-2G's.<BR> <LI>The export file will be formatted for seamless import into 1099 Pro 2018! <BR></ul> <P> To Print Forms 1099-Misc and 1042-S showing Tax Year "2018":<P> First, follow the instructions above to create your new 2018 Filer in the 1099 Pro 2017 software. <P> Then follow this link to download a ZIP file containing all required files and instructions: <BR> <a href=""> Print Overlays for 1099 Pro and 1042-S Pro.</a> <P> If you need any assistance, please call our Tech Support Line at 866 444-3559.